Top Achievements at the 2017 Junior World Championships

The junior athletes of the achievements at event Yonex Sunrise BWF World Junior Championships (WJC) 2017, held at GOR Among Rogo, Yogyakarta, 9-22 October 2017 got pengahrgaan from POB Djarum and PB Mutiara Cardinal, Thursday (02/11 / 2017).

The award of bonuses from award plaques worth more than Rp 150 million was held jointly by PB Djarum and PB Mutiara at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, on Thursday (2/11).

The awarded junior athletes are junior women’s singles champion Gregoria Mariska Tunjung (PB Pearl), junior doubles world champion Rinov Rivaldy (PB Djarum), mixed double runner-up Rehan Naufal / PB Djarum) and double runners up daughter of Ribka Sugiarto (PB Djarum). For more info you can visit:

In addition to the athletes, awards are also given to the mixed doubles Coach Pelatnas Cipayubg, Nova Widianto.

As the women’s singles world champion, PB Mutiara athlete Gregoria Mariska Tunjung gets a cash bonus of Rp 40 million plus LED TV Polytron 43 “and Home Theater. The same bonus is also received mixed gold medal mixer from PB Djarum Rinov Rivaldy. While the silver medal winner (Rehan Naufal / Siti Fadia, and Ribka Sugiarto, and Mixed Coach Nova Widianto get LED TV Polytron 43 “and Home Theater.

Program Director of Sports Sports Djarum Foundation Yoppy Rosimin, calling the award is worth the achievement score. “The BWF world Junior Championship event in Yogya yesterday gave us the most achievements in terms of organization because of the full spectators, and the success of the achievement we produced two champions as well as some finalists and semi finalsts,” said Joppy. Read also

The final round of Yonex Sunrise BWF World Junior Championships (WJC) 2017, Sunday (10/22/2017) witnessed 6,824 spectators, a record for GOR Among Rogo’s capacitance. “while Gregoria Mariska also set a record, making Indonesia win the women’s singles title after 25 years.”

The success of Gregoria Mariska won by defeating Chinese representatives, Han Yue 21-13, 13-21 and 24-11 became a separate record. Moreover, Gregoria able to reverse the position behind 18-20 in the third game to victory 24-22. According to his club representative at PB Mutiara, Umar Zaidi, the unyielding nature is a characteristic of Gregoria who has been fostered since the fifth grade.