Recharge online: a breath of fresh air

These are the times when we are really short of time. As people say time is of essence and anyone who respects time is one of the wealthiest persons in the entire world. Time has become such a big constraint that even finding time for your parents, spouses and kids is a big challenge for many of us – we are perpetually stuck between prioritizing tasks, whether professional or personal. It’s quite dramatic actually where each of us literally gasping for breath in between accomplishing tasks in our routine life. Overall, the truth is that we are so caught up in our career and ambitions, fulfilling our professional obligations that extracting time out of these twenty-four schedule for our close family and friends is a big test of time.

The mobile phone and the internet has been a big source of relief for millions of us. Why? Because using these two superstars of technological inventions, we can at least stay connected to our loved ones. By a simple recharge done every month, one is able to call and speak to their families’ daily when miles apart; you can send messages on a regular basis and using a proper internet plan and connectivity, one can make video calls, be online to share texts, photos and video updates with friends and family. Choose the appropriate recharge plan so that you do not run short of balance while on a call or when online. It could be the most frustrating thing to happen! The good news is that every cellular operator has recharge plans of varying value and validity.  This makes it lot easier and flexible as subscribers can top-up as per requirement and usage, at any time of the day irrespective of the location, as long as you have active network connection to carry out the work.

Recharges can be done online using your cellular operators’ App or website. With a number of online retailers that resell the recharge service, the entire task revolving around topping up your prepaid connection has got more competitive. Big time online retailers like Paytm has its App called the Paytm App, MobiKwikand even PhonePe provide for recharge facility at superior speed and performance. This means that the subscriber has abundant options to choose from. If you have a smartphone, then get smart and download the App of a retailer for not only availing the service of online payments but also to be able to do lots of other tasks online like paying for electricity, water and gas bills, getting your DTH connection recharged, booking movie tickets, booking rail and air tickets, buying monthly groceries, shopping for electronic items, ordering food online etc. Apps are handy as they are on your mobile phones. Make sure not to share the password of your phone with any stranger or unwanted person. Also make sure that the login id and password of the App is also confidential so that no unauthorised person can use the App in your absence.