New title: Kansas City Deaerator is a Top Supplier of Deaerators in a Global Marketplace

Kansas City Deaerator has been in business, since 1989, giving them years to grow into becoming one of the world’s top supplier of deaerator products. Although they started with a local operation in Overland Park, Kansas, the company soon expanded to provide products to the energy and industrial sectors in communities across the nation. Word of their quality deaerators and commitment to customer satisfaction soon spread, giving Kansas City Deaerator the opportunity to expand to other countries, as well. Today, they’re globally recognized as a preferred supplier.

Kansas City Deaerator offers a wide range of standard spray deaerators to suit any need with vertical or horizontal options. The Vertical Spray Deaerator can be purchased with or without a pump and is ideal for sites with limited space. It’s most commonly utilized in commercial  and light industrial settings.

The Horizontal Spray Deaerator also comes with the optional pump and can also be used in light industrial commercial facilities. While more space is required with the horizontal model, it can be ideal for areas that have a low overhead.

Kansas City Deaerator also offers a wide range of standard tray deaerators. Among the options in this category, customers can choose between the Vertical Tray Deaerator, the Tank Car Tray Deaerator, or the Bolted Double Shell Tray Deaerator. Each of these products is ideal for use in most power plants and any of them can be adapted to be HEI compliant.

Additionally, Kansas City Deaerator offers a deaerator vacuum breaker and a range of ancillary equipment to supplement your needs. In this category, they offer an intermittent blowdown flashtank, which comes with an aftercooler. They also can supply customers with a continuous blowdown with heat recovery or boiler feed systems. Whatever your deaerator requirements, Kandas City Deaerator is equipped to fulfill them. To learn more about their products, contact Kansas City Deaerator by phone at 913-338-2111 or via

email at [email protected] A trained and knowledgeable associate can answer your questions and help you determine your needs more fully. They can also help you with getting an accurate quote for the products you need to equip your facility.