Know More About Green Meds

In a latest study, it was noted that about 50% of American’s took at least one prescription drug in the past month. Whilst the reason that these medications are prescribed range, they’ve all impacted the quality of our lives. For decades, researchers drug on and scientists have studied diseases and found new and innovative ways to care for them. These days we’re able to live longer and healthier lives is as a result of the medications.

Consider vaccinations. Against the wide-range of health problem, the infants and even children in the United States are even vaccinated in a very wide range. Everything from Polio to Whopping Cough is included in a vaccination protocol. The result has been healthier kids and the near annihilation of several diseases which were at one time fatal to several kids. The vaccination program relies on a series of drugs to help protect children from several diseases and also illnesses and has had a huge impression on the quality of our lives.

Other areas of medicine have been improved as well. Maintenance drugs are one such area. Diseases such as diabetic issues, epilepsy, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have long plagued humanity. These diseases, that may not be fatal in and of themselves, meant patients were forced to suffer through life, attempting to deal with symptoms that might be painful, dangerous or aggravating. Maintenance medication corrects this symptom logy and assists create a better quality life for patients who suffer from some of these issues.

When researchers continue to develop new ways to treat diseases, they’re also planning to our future. Rather than creating drugs that could probably harm our environment, they are also creating medications which are safe for not just humanity but the whole planet. These days, there are several prescriptions available as a substitute to mainstream medications. These are entirely effective, just like their traditional counterparts, but are much less likely to impact our environment.

In some cases these ‘green’ drugs are naturally benign, in others; researchers have sought new and innovative ways to make them safe for the environment. Present research in this area looks to the future and is focusing on creating medication that’s just ‘active’ while inside the human body or that reacts to the light found in water plants. The possibility of the influence is lessened in either of these new ways.. As a patient, ask your doctor if there’s a green alternative to the medication you are being prescribed. You might be surprised just how ‘green’ you would be able to be just by taken your morning pills.