Get to know more about ATMs: Types, Networks and Charged Costs

Using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card facility issued by the bank is certainly one of the things that is familiar to almost everyone, especially those who have savings at the bank. ATM cards have become a necessity for most people so that their use is very high or may be the highest among various other banking products.

Not only as a cash withdrawal tool, the use of ATM cards has made it possible for various other interests. This certainly will greatly facilitate customers in managing finances and meeting various needs that require financial transactions. In fact, many ATM installation agency offer ATM installation services, one of which is Rhenus Lupprians. With the many ATM machines in various places, this will make it easier for the use of ATM cards in use and more efficient and facilitate various matters that will waste time and energy, such as:

• Cash withdrawals through ATM machines that make customers no longer need a certain amount of time to queue and do so at the teller

• Transfer funds to the same bank or a different bank. This activity can even be done online and in real time so that it will greatly help customers in meeting various money transfer needs.

• Check balance.

• Buy tickets, such as airplane and train tickets.

• Buy credit.

• Pay easily for various types of bills, such as electricity, water, cable TV, BPJS fees, and tuition / tuition fees.

All these facilities can be enjoyed by customers simply by visiting the ATM machine and doing the various financial transactions they need there. It’s easy, right?

Types of ATMs

The existence of an ATM machine certainly participates in supporting the convenience of the community in accessing various banking facilities. At present ATM machines are no longer difficult to find. Because in particular the banking sector is indeed very incentive to seek and always increase the number of these machines.

That way, customers can access it more quickly and easily. Almost in all shopping areas can be found ATM machines. Customers will no longer have difficulty finding and accessing this one banking facility.

Until now there are at least three types of ATM machines in Indonesia that can be used for various financial transaction purposes, including:

1. ATM Cash Withdrawal

The type of ATM machine that is the most common and easy to find. Not only in urban areas, the use of cash withdrawal ATM machines has reached remote / rural areas. Of course it depends on the existence of the bank there. Generally what is often found is BRI and BPD in the region. The cash withdrawal ATM machine makes it possible to do almost all financial transactions, such as transfers, credit purchases, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and others.

2. Non-Cash ATMs

As the name suggests, it is certain that this one ATM machine will not be used for cash withdrawal transactions. However, through this machine, we can do other financial transactions, such as bill payments, transfers, balance checks, and purchase of electric vouchers and others.

3. Cash Deposit ATM

Through a cash deposit ATM machine, the customer can deposit funds directly into his account number so there is no need to stand in line and linger waiting in front of the teller. This includes the most pleasant ATM machine and enough to make customers easily deposit cash into their accounts.

Network and Charged Fees

The various facilities provided by ATM machines certainly impose a number of fees that are the obligation of the customers. This will usually depend on the policies applied by each bank. Some banks free their customers for a number of cash withdrawal fees as long as they are done on the same ATM network and with a certain amount of minimum balance they set. Different things can happen to other banks. Because each bank will have its own provisions regarding this policy.

Broadly speaking, banks in the World have cooperation and special networks that they use to facilitate their customers in accessing ATM services.