7 Popular PC Games That Suck to Play Without the Best Gaming Computer

Video games have taken over our collective consciousness. A vast majority of people enjoy video games daily and the amount of titles available seems endless. The latest crop of gaming consoles can attest to how far the technology has come, with stunning graphics and realistic physics being expected from new games. The new generations of console offer very nice looking games, but if you want a glimpse of the art form at its bleeding edge, look no further than a gaming PC.  A gaming PC should have the grunt needed to pump out crisp frames fast, for a flawless experience. There are some games that rely on beastly power to play smoothly, visit Harvey Norman for the largest range of Gaming PCs and VRs.

  1. Ark

Ark – Survival Evolved is a hard-core multiplayer survival game. The player starts the game naked and must gather resources and knowledge in order to progress. The game is set amongst lush islands but also features harsh deserts and savage icy peaks. Your favourite Dinosaur can be battled and tamed but it’s not the easiest game to run and needs plenty of power to enjoy a smooth experience. Even decently equipped computers have been brought to a standstill trying to run this game.

  • PUBG

Players Unknown: Battlegrounds was at the forefront of the battle royal craze. The game features nail biting encounters with real humans as you scrounge for the weapons and parts needed to get that chicken dinner. To be competitive, players need a consistent and high framerate, a hard task considering the games graphics and complex physics calculations. When almost one hundred players battle with realistic weapons a lot of complex calculations have to be made, and fast.

  • Project cars 2

Project cars 2 is a dazzling car driving simulator that features real world locations and almost every car you could ever imagine. It really shines however on PC, where the extra power on offer enables almost realistic rendering and life like physics. Some clips taken from the game can be mistake for a real video. The range of peripherals available for the PC version makes it a popular choice amongst enthusiasts.

  • Fallout 4

Whilst Fallout can be enjoyed on modern consoles it just doesn’t compare to gaming on the PC. Fallout 4’s world seems even more unforgiving and brutal. Sections such as down town Boston are almost unplayable on console versions as they lack the power to render such busy scenes effectively. An enormous number of mods are available for the PC making the game even more of a treat.

  • Grand theft Auto 5

Yes, GTA V has been around for a while. Once you play the game on PC with the graphics set to ultra you will realise how much you were missing. Clips of the game running on ultra-graphics with enhancement mods have even fooled people into thinking they are seeing GTA 6.

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This must be one of the most beautiful games ever made. With advanced lighting effects, volumetric particles and every other trick in the book this game really needs a powerful computer to get the best experience possible. If you game on the go, the Acer Predator series is a great example of high-quality gaming in a sweet looking package.

  • Virtual Reality

There are many games now available for devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. These devices allow the user to leave reality behind and enter strange and exciting new worlds. These devices need a beast of PC in order to deliver a smooth and immersive experience. Games such as Onward, Arizona Sunshine and NVidias fun house are all stunning examples of where the art form is heading.

Gaming has come a long way and now your average smartphone can deliver a compelling gaming experience. For those that crave more, a dedicated gaming computer is the way to go. Unmatched power, efficiency and choice reaffirm the ultimate platform for the gaming enthusiast.