When We Go on a Family Vacation, It is Our Whole Family

People talk about those tropical islands when they make reference to a dream vacation for a reason. For example, when someone is stressed and needs some time away, you don’t say you need a vacation to a National Park. Even those of us who thoroughly enjoy such places probably use the term “tropical island” when making any reference to the ideal place to be to relax, enjoy and be comfortable. This is why we were looking at the Mykonos luxury villas for our family vacation. And when I say family, I mean us and our extended family. There are 14 of us, and we enjoy going on vacation together. We plan it and make it happen. This last time was a trip to the Mediterranean to stay on a Greek island in a super luxury villa.

We had a wonderful time. They even provide laundry service. We enjoyed the Greek food immensely. Even the kids were eating it and not wanting chicken strips and grilled cheese by the time we left. You know how kids are with food. You show them something new, and they act like you are trying to poison them. The Mediterranean diet is pretty much the one studies are showing is pretty good for you, and our kids were starting to like every little bit of Greek food we could get them to try. I ate a little of everything on our vacation.

Our room was better than any hotel we have ever been in. There was even staff to keep the place clean. The swimming pool sparkled a brilliant blue under the Grecian sunshine. What made it really great is that our family was all together. It is such a time of bonding and keeping the lines of communication open. It is important for families to stick together like this.