Like This How To Write Enjoyable SEO Friendly Articles

Easy, Fast, and Durable. So that simple articles that have been written can still continue to bring visitors. That’s why we understand how to write SEO friendly articles.

For that I discuss the guide how to write a simple SEO friendly article but still attract the hearts of readers, and in just 5 minutes. Cool, right!


1.Prioritize User Experience


For a novice writer or SEO optimizer, it will generally feel the edgy dilemma of the edition. 3 days 2 nights hard to eat unless the hungry:D

Just imagine, you will choose which one

The structure of SEO articles so easy to decorate the first page of Google but not comfortable read


2. Keyword research


The key to getting visitors on Google, one of them is choosing keywords. It’s good you measure the ability of the website and the condition of competitors. If not ready to compete with the big web there is no harm in targeting the best keywords and targeted.

See the above variations, the longer a keyword then generally the incoming visitors will be more targeted and the competition will be easier. Not impossible, your web will soon decorate the first page and you …