How Does a Caching Solution Help Speed Up Your VPS Server?

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A fast website is a good website. Don’t take our word for it. A Kissmetrics study revealed that nearly half of the online users want a site to load in two seconds. Further, if the site does not load in three seconds, then nearly 40% of them tend to abandon the site. Can’t believe the study either? How about this – Google takes page load speed into consideration while determining the page rank in the SERP (search engine results page). We think that it is safe to say that in today’s times, there is no excuse for a slow website. While choosing the right hosting plan like VPS Web Hosting is the first step towards ensuring a fast site, deploying a good caching solution can boost it further. In this article, we will talk about the efficacy of a caching solution in boosting the speed of your VPS-hosted website.

First, some basics:


In the web hosting landscape, caching is temporarily storing data like images, files, etc. which is accessed frequently by site visitors. Once a visitor requests a set of files, it is retrieved from the web server and stored in the cache memory. For any subsequent requests for …

4 solid reasons why VPS Hosting’s market share will shoot up in 2020

The integrity of VPS hosting has made it the solution of choice for many companies to host their websites. In addition to the server benefits, low latency, and bandwidth that are made possible by VPS, websites offer many benefits that catapult their presence on the network.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the increasing global demand for VPS. Although we have seen technologies such as cloud continue to change, industry survey data from Mauritius tells a different story. VPS hosting is on the rise and how. With an amazing 15.3% CAGR for three years, VPS is ready to go.

This article aims to show how the VPS hosting market share will break in 2020 especially for VPS in India and why. So without further delay here it is:

1. Linux has a larger market size and is still important

At present, many companies deal with Linux-based applications, because of market and customer demand. So it can be said that Linux-based applications are becoming a trend and the size of the VPS hosting market is increasing day by day. The key factor for the VPS market share is the developer affinity to reduce all hardware in the data center …